A complete Natural Grooming Solution Est. 2001 .
A complete Natural Grooming Solution Est. 2001 .
Two Completely Badass Beard Grooming Products You Didn't Know Exist

Two Completely Badass Beard Grooming Products You Didn't Know Exist

We all know Beard grooming is not a cake walk but a well grommed beard can Revolutionize your whole identity and adds a lot of confidence in your personality.

2 Badass Beard grooming products


November Beard Shop brings you Two Completely Badass Beard Grooming products to make your Beard Life easier. Have a look...

1. Grommarang Beard Comb

The first one to make our list is groomarang beard comb.And if you're thinking what's special about this beard comb is, Watch out this video...


being able to model a beard by yourself is often very complicated and it’s easy to have a badly cutted beard. A perfect solution is Groomarang, a particular comb that can be used with the razor to precisely define the shape of the beard.

Its innovative design boomerang shaped allows two combs with two different sizes of teeth, a brush to clean up and an inner curve to be used as a “track” for finishing the cheeks and neck.

Now, get a perfect beard shape and style everytime with this groomarang beard comb.

The value this product adds to your beard Lifestyle is unmatched and that's too for just $9.95. isn't this crazy!!

You can buy our Groomarang Comb here --"November Beard Grommarang Comb".


 2. November Shop Beard Bib

Remember, I promised you a product to do away with all the mess associated with the beard styling?

The wait is over. November Beard shop's Beard Bib is here! Check this video...

We made this beard bib so you don't have to deal with all the hairy mess of trimming and shaving.

Made from high quality water proof nylon fibre, this beard bib is non sticky and comes with hook so you can pause whenever you want!

The neck hole size is adjustable, so anyone can use it. It comes in two Colors white and black.

You can buy our November Beard Bib for $11.95 here--- "November Beard Bib".

So, what do you think our badass grooming products? Don't forget to check our " Beard Challenge Essentials Kit".

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